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Soul Call

This book is about reliving lost moments of life, discovering the meaning & significance of those ordinary yet profound moments of life. It is about rediscovering the meaning of relationships; realigning with the principles & values of life…

It is also about listening to your Self … and re-learning the lessons that your Self has been trying to teach you.

It is about beginning afresh with a new awareness… and about realizing what really matters in Life!

What makes the book unique is that the values have been drawn from real life experiences of the author and conveyed in a very simple and straight forward manner without any pretensions!!


What is in it for the reader?

  • A sensitive narrative which will touch you deeply
  • Insightful & Inspirational Life-experiences which everyone would relate with
  • Reaffirms life’s values and priorities
  • Gives you deep Insights into life, living & relationships
  • Would sensitize you towards what your own Self may have been trying to tell you!
  • Would make you re-examine your own motives and the way you view your life
  • Can be the start of your own personal transformation
  • Helps you realize what really matters in life!